Shadows This week was groundhog week. At school we taught the kids all about shadows and we even watched the ceremony to see if the groundhog saw his shadow or not. This got me to thinking about us as Christians. You see a shadow is a reflection of the person that the sun is shining on. A shadow goes everywhere a person goes. It does everything a person does. If I take off walking, my shadow follows. If I jump my shadow follows. If I reach over and hug someone, my shadow follows. We need to be like a shadow of Jesus. We need to do the things Jesus would do. We know that while Jesus was on Earth He helped others. He talked to them, prayed with them, and fed them when they were hungry. He met every need they had. He showed compassion and love for them. If you look at your life are you being a shadow of Jesus? Opportunities come our way everyday to help others. People are hurting everywhere and just need someone to help them. Will you be a shadow of Jesus today?


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