Cord's Story

When Cord was three years old, he got an infection that caused the lymph nodes in his neck to swell. We took him to the doctor and they gave him a round of antibiotics and the lymph nodes should have went down, but they didn't. Instead, they got bigger, so a stronger dose of antibiotic was ordered and blood work was done. His blood work showed mixed results. Some things were too high and some things were too low. Hardly any of the things they tested were normal for a boy his age. The doctor felt like it was an infection and it should go away with the stronger antibiotic, but it didn't. Instead the knots in his lymph nodes got bigger.

At this point, our pediatrician told us we needed to get Cord in to see a specialist immediately. He said the words no parent wants to hear. In his 30 years of pediatric work only one other child had presented with the same symptoms that Cord had and that child was diagnosed with cancer. It just so happens that my mother-in-law knew the child that he was talking about and that child did not make it. She had died.

Armed with this information, I was determined to rebuke that diagnosis. I wasn't going to believe it was cancer until it was definitely confirmed. That was a good thought on my part, but the reality is that the longer we had to wait the more that doubt started to enter my mind. All of this happened around the first part of December and we could not get an appointment with a specialist until December 31st.

At first, I was ok and Cord acted fine. Except for the huge knots on his neck you really wouldn't know he was sick. Our pediatrician told us that there was no point in giving him any more medicine after the second round of antibiotics, because it wasn't working, so Cord went the rest of the month without taking any medicine.

My faith started out very strong. I knew God would take care of it. I prayed. I had the church pray, every chance I could get. Cord is kind of a private person and I have no idea what was going through his 3 year old mind when all those people would lay their hands on him and pray, but I was determined that he was going to be healed. Well, instead of the knots getting smaller, they actually got bigger. At their biggest point the knot on the right side of his neck was 2 1/2 inches and the knot on the left side was around an inch.

I became frustrated because it seemed like God wasn't answering my prayer. We lived at Valliant at that time and I would drive to work at Battiest everyday. I would pray all the way to work and all the way home. I had a constant prayer line with God going on and still the knots got bigger.

After a time, I begin to let doubt and fear creep in that Cord wasn't going to be healed. It got to the point where I started imagining Cord having to go through treatments and how sick his little body would look. I even started to imagine his funeral and what it was going to be like. All this sounds really crazy, but when you are going through a trial like this you feel a little crazy. The last straw happened one night while I was laying down with Cord in the bed. Our conversation went like this:

Cord: "Mama, Jesus is coming to get me."

Me: "Yes, one day He's going to come get all of us."

Cord: "No Mama, Jesus is coming to get me now. I don't want to go."

We had been very careful not to talk about Cord's sickness in front of him or our other kids. We didn't want them to worry, so this conversation was completely out of the blue. I began to sob. I was so devastated. My stress level had been so high, I was trying to hold it all together, but this was my breaking point.

I went and wept before God. I told Him, "God, I believe you have something for Cord's life. I don't believe that he's supposed to die, but if that is Your will, then I need You to help me get through it." You see all along I had been looking up things on the Internet and trying to find a human way for Cord to receive his healing. I was trying to be the strong mother in control of my boy's life. God didn't want that though. God wanted me to hand over control of Cord's life to Him. To let Him heal his little body.

That night, I gave God control of Cord's life and within a day or two Cord's knots started to go down. No medicine, nothing. They just went down on there own. When we finally did get in to see a specialist the knots were completely gone. He looked like a normal little boy and the doctor wanted to know why we were even there. He couldn't find anything wrong with him but suggested that we look into getting his tonsils removed.

I don't have a confirmed case of cancer for Cord, but I know in my spirit that had I not given God control of that situation, Cord's illness would have turned out differently.

I can confirm this.

1. Cord had an infection.

2. Two rounds of strong antibiotics could not take care of it.

3. My God healed him from his infection without medicine of any kind.

That is the power of my God. I am so unworthy for how good He has been to me and to my family, but I'm so thankful that I have Him to call on whenever I need Him. Some of you are going through trials right now. I encourage you to keep putting your faith in God. He will get you through this.


  1. Thank you for sharing this Amanda. Very powerful testimony.
    Sue Nesmith


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