When I was 18 I was driving home from work late one night and all of the sudden I felt my car start to shake. I knew there were storms moving into the area and I had been driving trying to get home and avoid them. The wind was hitting my car so hard that it felt like it was about to blow my car off the road. What did I do? I gripped the steering wheel tighter and kept on driving. Eventually, the wind died down and I made it home. I was almost certain I had just went through a tornado, but it was so dark that I really couldn't see anything. I know that I have never felt wind blowing like that before or since. My suspicions were confirmed when the next day or two, the paper reported that a tornado had blown through that area at the exact time I was traveling. There were no houses in the area and had I wrecked more than likely no one would have found me until the next day. God watched out for me and protected me.

The storms of life blow into our lives, too. Sometimes we have an inkling they are coming and sometimes we don't. When they happen though, we just need to grip God that much tighter and hold on to Him. You see, had my gripped loosened on the steering wheel I would have been doomed for destruction. My car would have blown off the road, into the trees and being in a little dinky car, there is no way that I would have made it out alive without God's protection.

The same is true for us. If we let go of God during our storms of life, we are destined for destruction. God is the only way we will make it through. He will encourage us when we don't think we can take one more step. He will comfort us when we are so overwhelmed by bad news that we don't how we are going to make it through. He will be there every step of the way and just be everything we need.

I know several people that are going through storms right now and I just encourage you to hang on. God knows the beginning and the end. He will help you through this. He is a mighty God. If He can help one teenage girl get safely through a tornado, then He can do anything.


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