The Perils of Distraction

The other day my kids were playing a game in our living room. Cord had walked into the other room to look for something. He was only gone about 10 seconds but that was long enough for his turn to come and go. Upon returning to the game he found out Zellie and Elijah had skipped his turn because he had not been in there. Cord of course got upset. Elijah being the plainspoken boy he is tells Cord, “That’s just life Cord. You should have been in here. That’s just life.” Cord was still upset and Elijah kept repeating “That’s just life Cord.”

This got me thinking about our lives. We go along serving God and then we get distracted. We see something that we feel like we need to do and it ends up getting us off the path God has for us. It may be something sinful or it may just be everyday life that gets us distracted. In that moment we may lose an opportunity that God has laid out for us and the scary thing is, we may never get that opportunity back.

The story of the virgins in Matthew tells us that some of the women were wise. They kept their eyes focused on what was important, being ready for when the bridegroom came. The foolish ones got distracted and did not prepare, so when the bridegroom came they missed the most important opportunity of all.

We can be the same way if we are not careful and sadly we too could miss that most important moment of all. We are not guaranteed one extra second on this Earth. My question to you is simple. Are you letting life distract you and keep you from doing what God has planned out for you? Have you lost all focus on what matters most: God and a relationship with Him? If so, take a few seconds today and invite Him back into your life. Get refocused on what really matters.


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