The Pains of Beauty

I was walking through the mall the other day and I decided to get my eyebrows plucked by those ladies that use the strings. I had never done it that way before, I usually have them waxed. I had observed several people having this procedure done and I really didn't think it would be painful. Well that's what I get for thinking. It was very painful. In fact, I think I felt each individual eyebrow hair come out one at a time. When it was finally over though, my eyebrows looked fabulous and I could join the ranks of women everywhere that like to look good by removing facial hair.

This got me thinking. I'm sure this procedure doesn't hurt everyone and there is no way someone is going to get up with only one brow done. Every woman I know would stick through it until the end, no matter how painful it may be.

The same is true when God tries to mold us into his image. Sometimes it is painful, especially when we are not ready for the changes He wants to make in us. If we are not prepared and willing to accept what He wants to do in our lives, it will be a very painful process, but the end result is always amazing. When He gets through plucking and changing one area of our life, we become more beautiful because we become more Christ-like.

Also, just like we would never leave with only one eyebrow plucked, we shouldn't give up or even prolong the process when God tries to change us. He wants us to be beautiful. I encourage you today to let God mold you. Ask Him to help you through the process. He knows everything we need and everything we need to be.


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