Just When I Get My House Clean, Here Comes Two Tornadoes

There is nothing messier than 2 little boys. Just when I think I have my house clean: BAM!!!!! In they walk leaving a trail of dirt in their path.

As people we also leave a trail everywhere we go. Yes some of it is physical dirt, but our physical dirt is not usually what people remember us by. The main thing people remember us by is our attitude and how we treat others.

As Christians the attitude we portray is very important. You see some people have never heard of God. Some people know about Him, but have had a negative experience with a "Christian". Some people know Him, but may be running away right now due to hurt or confusion. Others may be serving Him wholeheartedly. How we act when we call ourselves a Christian determines peoples perceptions about God. If our attitude is negative then people's attitudes about God will be negative. We need to watch ourselves so God can use us to reach out to others. Everywhere we go, we should be leaving a trail that others will want to follow so they can know more about God.

Think about it: You could be the only witness that some people have about God. What kind of trail are you leaving?


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