God is Still in the Miracle Working Business

As I look back over this past week I am reminded that God still works miracles. My brother's accident should have been serious if not fatal, however God intervened and Jubil only has a few bone fractures. This is not the first miracle God has worked in my families lives. Over the years God has done many amazing things. He has protected us in serious wrecks. He has healed my son, Cord, when medicine would not work. He has even kept me from being seriously injured when boiling water splashed into my eye.

Sometimes I get busy and forget all the mighty things God has done for me, but throughout everything God has been with me and my family. God is there for all of us, not just my family. All we have to do is ask Him and He is there. I don't know what I would do without the Most Holy of Holies to cry out to. He is there when I need Him and He is never too busy to listen.


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