The Wind That Moves Christians

Have you ever watched the wind blow?

Of course we can't see the wind blow, but we know it is blowing by the trees and the grass moving. The same is true for the Holy Spirit. We can't see the Holy Spirit but we know He's blowing in our lives by how we are moving. If we are moving closer to God and doing the work God has for us, then the Holy Spirit is blowing into our lives. The Holy Spirit is the wind that moves Christians. He gently pushes us to step out and move closer to God. The Holy Spirit is our leader, our comforter, and our helper. He will guide us as we try to make it through life. He will help us know what our next move should be. He will also help us grow closer to God. The Holy Spirit will give us boldness and the words to say as we tell others about Jesus. He is a great friend to have. Ask God today to have the Holy Spirit come into your life.


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