God's Protection, Even When We Don't Ask

About 5 years ago, our church was called to fast corporately. We were able to fast however we wanted, but as a body of believers we were all fasting together.

One day, about half-way through our fast I was making dinner. I was trying to boil a big pot of chicken so I could make chicken and dumplings. I had been cooking the chicken breasts for a while so the water was really hot. I reached in with a wooden spoon to try and see if the chicken was done. Big mistake. The chicken flew off the spoon and boiling water went straight into my eye.

I had three small kids at home and there just happened to be no one around to take me to the emergency room that day, but thankfully that wasn't needed. The water that went into my eye, did not cause any damage. The only damage I had was a slight burn mark under my eye to show me how hot that water really was. I never went to the doctor. I just went and flushed out the chicken juice and I was fine. I even made it to church the next night to testify about it.

I'm so thankful for a God that takes care of us, even when we don't know we need Him. I had no clue that would happen that day and yet He still protected me. It would have been impossible to get to an emergency room, but God in His great and wonderful way looked out for me.


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