Zellie's Miracle

While we lived at Valliant, I would take the shortcut to Battiest while going to work everyday. For those of you that don't know, the shortcut consisted of 13 miles of dirt road, which may seem odd unless you're from Battiest.

One day I was driving home from school. Zellie was in headstart at the time and so she was in the car with me. We were driving down the dirt road and I remember looking over and seeing that she was unbuckled. I remember thinking I really should make her put her seatbelt on, but it was a fight a lot of times to get it on her and I really didn't think anything would happen anyway.

On this particular day, I was driving a little too fast. I came around a curve and lost control of the vehicle. My truck started to fishtail and then we slid sideways. A small pine tree was sitting on the edge of the road. It was small but it happened to be sturdy enough to stop the truck. I had reached out my hand in front of Zellie as we were sliding. I remember looking over at her. I just knew she was going to be bruised and banged up. Instead, there she sat buckled up in the seat.

I had not made her buckle up. She had not buckled up. My God that cares about each one of us, had buckled her up and kept her safe in the seat.

God really can take care of everything. Don't tell your God how big your mountain is, tell your mountain how big your God is. He can take care of any situation.


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